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Services For Women

It has become increasingly common for women to seek services of a personal nature. And of course, why shouldn’t they?


Exploration and the pursuit of sexual pleasure are not the sole domain of men. On the contrary women possibly have a greater incentive to seek services than men.

Many women have stories of disappointing encounters with men, men that had little regard for their pleasure or just flat out ignored their wishes. I believe women should be free to explore their sexual desires in a way that suits them, without judgement or the normal constraints of meeting a stranger on a dating site.


What I offer is complete control over your encounter, it’s your experience, it’s about you and I intend to make it as memorable as possible.

Get in contact to discuss your fantasy. 


As a single woman I was extremely nervous about entering the world of kink. I had zero experience and wanted to be very discrete and careful. I also wanted my first experience to be memorable, safe and completely non-sexual.

After searching around the internet I found Mr Rottweiler and after a prompt reply and a phone conversation that was completely centred around my needs I felt very comfortable.

The experience itself was beyond what I had hoped for and even though it was BDSM related (I was submissive) I knew I was completely in control at all times and nothing happened until I was completely relaxed.

100% no regrets.


ShyGirl31 14 February 2019

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