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 About Me


I am a straight athlete in my prime and I enjoy dominating. I am rough and heavily built.

I am a gold medal winning wrestler, competing nationally in the Super Heavyweight division. I specialise in submission wrestling, I can pin you down and make you submit to me. I am more powerful than you, I will dominate you with my physical strength. I am not a bodybuilder. My ears are cauliflowered from years of fighting. I am not a fucking gogo dancer, my muscles are developed from fighting with other men. 

But wrestling is just one of the many things I do. 


Me and Kink

I myself have over 12 years of experience dominating, in both my personal and professional life. Some of which was in the Far East, USA and Europe,  

Kink has been a very large part of my life for a very long time. It is a something that I take great pride in.

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